We are Kitanyoe

Specialists in Mining and raw material logistics, handling and transportation

Kitanyoe Group company Limited is an indigenously owned company that was established in Tanzania in November 2017. The company is registered with the Government and licensed to carry out mining and to transport processed material across East and Central Africa and the world. It has its Project Office at Dodoma Tanzania and an Administrative Office at Coco Beach Premises, Toure Drive.

Tanzania is rich in natural resources that can be used to process valuable goods that bring social-economical advantage to the nation. With regulated harvesting of the resources, factories can process the raw materials to finished products that can used domestically and internationally.

In this setting, Kitanyoe Group Company Limited was incorporated to perform excavation of minerals, testing of samples and transporting to clients.

In summary, the capability of the company can be described as under:

* Excavation, Kitanyoe Group Company Limited own mining sites in Mtwara, Dodoma, Kigoma, Ruvuma and Kilimanjaro region.

* Laboratory testing and analysis: Robust and intense testing of samples from sites with the use of government facilities (GST,UDSM) and company testing facilities to get the quality and content of the sample for declaration and supply.

* Transportation of raw and finished goods: With an elite flight of heavy loaders and transporting heavy duty
trucks, we are able to transport 


To see Kitanyoe Group Company Limited emerging as one of the largest Companies where, under one roof, Tanzania can be provided with internal and external services in all Mining and transportation services as well as assisting customers to fulfill their corporate and individual satisfaction through the provision of excellent and systematic services and management.


To make Kitanyoe Group Company Limited a leading contractor in providing efficient and quality customer centered services in Tanzania in the mining and transportation industry.


Kitanyoe Group Company Limited intends to be there to mine, evaluate and analyze and transport raw and finished resources to consumers and factories around East and Central Africa. For this to happen, our objectives rest on these pillars:

* To conduct business ethically and to meet contractual commitments,
* To carry out works in compliance with agreed design specifications, performance standards and  work schedules,
* To develop a “Partnership to Success” to ensure efficiency, quality of workmanship thereby            providing customer centered solutions and services,
* To ensure that our staff are committed to providing their best through continuing training and      adequately providing for them and their families,
* To ensure that work plan designs accommodate flexibility and room for expansion to cater for      future needs; and
* To become Tanzania’s Number-One Quality Service Provider in the transport and mining                industry.


Kitanyoe Group Company Limited has a wide range of products and earth extracts as follows:

* Gypsum
* Limestone
* Iron Ore
* Coal

* Beryllium
* Copper Ore

* Lithium

* Galena
* Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonated)
* Transport and Logistics,.

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